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The Customer Journey 2018

Preparing for our Journey:

From packing your bags to planning an itinerary, a lot of work goes into any adventure. But don’t worry, our Tour Guides and Adventurers took time to take in some local attractions before our departure.

Our Journey:

Our Adventurers departed on their main voyage through the Customer Journey and visited the many stops along the way. Special guided tours were also offered to dive deep into the most essential tools that help our Adventurers lead their customers through their journeys.

Cuisines around the world:

Traveling isn’t complete without relaxing and sampling the many different cuisines the world has to offer. This year showcased a wide variety foods from our favorite watering holes that featured Mexican, Mediterranean, and Thai dishes.

Unpacking Our Journey:

With the journey coming to a close, Adventurers spent the night mingling with fellow travelers and telling tales of their own journeys. Old friends and new all came together for many laughs, smiles, and memories.

Client Testimonial:

"Attending the FDN user conference gives us the opportunity to meet face to face with FDN team members and fellow FDN clients. By collaborating together, we're able to determine what's most important and most beneficial for FDN to continue innovating, improving - and what to create next!

The most beneficial portion of the user conference is the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with the core team members from FDN who contribute to our website. The discussion we're able to have together in Minneapolis is helpful for our strategy moving forward for the rest of the year."

- Katrina Guzman, Website Ecommerce Manager, Belfort Furniture