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FurnitureDealer.Net Company Lego Wall Build

Channeling our natural spirit of innovation and creativity, our team set out to build a GIANT version of our company logo out of Lego bricks.

Using only the talent here in our office, we designed, planned, and built this concept entirely from scratch. It took hours of design work and deft math to get the sizing and piece estimates correct.For the actual construction, we took an all hands on deck mentality, with our entire team getting involved to complete the project. The 9’ x 7’ logo used 7,467 bricks and each piece needed to be individually laid based on a massive grid system.

Our company values creativity and while the goal was to create something amazing and impactful for our space, what we got out of this project was so much more. It engaged our creative minds and brought all of us together to work as a team. The end result is a super cool “living art” of sorts. People are able to add and remove bricks from the wall as they please, making the Lego logo not only a stand-out decoration, but also an interactive feature in our entryway.

Check out some photos from the build!
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