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Junior .NET Developer

Join the FurnitureDealer.Net Tech Team as a Junior .NET Developer

Do you love business?
Do you love solving problems?
Do you love internet strategy and consumer experience?

Are you a person whose actions speak louder than your words, and want a chance to prove yourself?
Do you love serving and WOWing others?
Would you rather join a great company, or work your tail off to help build one?

If you answered yes to these questions, and if you know that you can wow our team and our customers, then please read on.

Who We're Looking For

This is an entry level position, but we're looking for someone who wants to join us long term. If you're just looking for a "job" or some "entry level experience," please do NOT apply. We are looking for highly motivated self starters who want to join a team, who are committed to personal excellence - who don't just want to be good, they want to be great. We are looking for someone who we can invest in, and who will invest back in us long term to help us build a great company, and to help our client companies compete and win online against Amazon. We are looking to jointly invest in each others' growth and success.

Nearly all job seekers claim that they want to be successful, but very few are actually willing to put in the time, energy and sacrifice necessary to become the best version of themselves, or to help their team and their clients be truly great. We want to work with people who want to work and who enjoy working.

We are looking for people who don't need a lot of direction and can work well in an unstructured environment, who know how to ask questions, figure out what needs to be done, and know how to get it done. We are looking for people who love learning, strategic thinking, setting big goals, executing and being accountable. We strongly value curiosity, accountability, and humility.

We think work should be fun. Our clients run businesses, and they hire us to help them do business better. To succeed in this role, you must think business is fun.

Our company is driven more by values than we are by money. "We love making money by helping our partners make money." That is our company motto, and it highlights how we think long term and how important win-win partnerships are to us. We are looking for unselfish people. We know that if we partner with the right kind of people (teammates and clients), and if we work hard to help them be successful, that it will result in personal success for us over time too. We believe that career happiness and personal excellence are achieved by focusing on others rather than on yourself, and from working really hard, obsessing over details, doing great work, and being someone who others "love" working with. If you are the kind of person who is more interested in looking out for yourself rather than serving others and committing long term to our team, then please do not apply.

About Us

FurnitureDealer.Net is an internet technology, online marketing, content publishing and management company located in Burnsville Minnesota. We are the internet business partner for more than 100 leading full-service brick and mortar furniture retailers. We build, manage and host our clients' websites, publish their online digital product catalogs, and strategize with them to attract and serve consumers both online and in-store. We are a hard working team of tech-savvy, business-oriented problem solvers, constantly striving for innovation and efficiency.

Why We Love What We Do

The internet is all about moving information, and we want to provide great information to people using our websites to shop for home furnishings. Our company publishes and manages the product catalogs for several hundred furniture, mattress, appliance, and electronics brands. This involves, researching, communicating, objectively presenting and maintaining a wide range of helpful information about these products for our more than four million e-commerce visitors per month. You will be publishing on behalf of consumers who are shopping for these products, and you will need to learn to identify and use keywords in your writing for search engine optimization (SEO). You will need to develop relationships with suppliers so you can understand and tell their ongoing brand and product stories.

Furniture isn’t meant to simply fill the space in one’s home, but instead it encourages you to create meaningful spaces. It’s easy to overlook the fact that the furniture in your home will play host to countless memories, but that is what makes furniture shopping so special. From that first sofa you buy for your new apartment, to the dining table where family traditions will be made, furniture continuously plays an important role. We recognize the substantial impact that furniture has on people’s lives, and that has led us to develop a passion for simplifying the furniture shopping experience. Through the inspiring and informative content we create, we are better able to connect people with the furniture that will allow them to create meaningful spaces.

The Role

Our software development team is responsible for building and supporting FurnitureDealer.Net’s applications and platforms. Our core business is powered by software that is built and supported in-house by our team. This includes our retail website platform (running 100+ websites), management tools, content creation tools, and more. We handle almost everything in-house. Including software development, database administration, hosting on AWS, and everything in between. This Junior Developer role is ‘full stack’ and will be roughly 50% working on new projects and 50% supporting existing software.


  • Focus on the user experience

  • Understand business requirements, problem solve, suggest potential solutions

  • Write code that is clean, readable, and well commented.

  • Troubleshoot customer issues in a complex environment.

  • Design, build, test, and maintain new software features.

  • Communicate complex ideas and data to non-experts.

User Experience Obsession

Software doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Everything we build is for somebody to use. To be successful in this role you will need to understand the user. You’ll need to be able to put yourself in their shoes - and then never lose sight of that as you build. Start with the user and work backwards. You’ll be playing an active role in figuring out what to build and how to build it - with an extreme focus on the user experience and outcomes. You will need to have opinions on design decisions and how our users will feel about them.

Skills and Experience

This is an entry level position. We’re open to candidates with no formal experience (but please be prepared to show us something you’ve worked on yourself). A college degree is not required. If you don’t have experience with something in this list, that is ok, but be prepared to show us you are motivated and eager to learn. We’ll be your teachers if you’re ready to be an amazing student. These are the major languages, technology, and techniques we use. Any experience with these is a plus. Ability and eagerness to learn is a bigger plus.


  • HTML/CSS/Bootstrap

  • Javascript, Typescript with VueJs, jQuery, Alpine JS

  • Xamarin forms, app development

SQL, database management

  • Git

  • AWS, Dev Ops scripting

Critical Strengths

- Attention to detail is critical in this role. You’ll be working with complex software that has a lot of moving parts.

- Learning. You will need to be constantly learning, expanding your skill set and knowledge. We will teach, push, and support you. If you need to stay within your comfort zone, you won’t have a good time.

- Coder Mindset. There is a certain logical way that a good coder approaches a problem. We don’t believe it can be learned. Some people have it and develop it, many people do not.

- ‘Get it done’ Work Ethic. To be successful in this role you will need to have a bias toward action. Some people just seem to get more done than others. They are the type of people that will thrive in this role.

What to Expect

We are a company that believes financial rewards and compensation should go to individuals who work hard and earn them. We focus on long term (not short term) success and payout in our relationships. We want to hire a few individuals who are looking to invest along with us in their career and in our business.

Tryout Period

- Actions speak louder than words. Every new hire is given a 16-week tryout, during which you will be given the opportunity to learn about our business and culture, to work alongside us on important projects, to earn our trust, (and for us to earn your trust).

- You will receive training that extensively covers general industry knowledge, the tools we use to manage our catalog, and the daily operations on our team. The people who have been most successful in our company invest their time and energy in not only doing great work, but also in learning as much as they can about our business. The individuals who have been the most successful have recognized business opportunities and needs, and gotten themselves into roles that match their individual strengths and passions.

- Your starting total compensation will be $49,800 per year, which includes a starting salary (during the tryout period) of $45,000 per year.

- In addition, (starting on your first day) you will be paid $4,800 per year in benefits compensation to use towards our company's truly unique "benefits." At the start of your first full month, you will become eligible to apply your benefits compensation to purchase any of our optional pre-tax cafeteria plan options such as group health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and health savings account. If you don't want or need our cafeteria plan benefits, you can continue to “cash out” your benefits money as taxable compensation to use for a variety of "after tax" choices such as student loan repayment, save for car, save for house, save for vacation, or save for just about anything that is important to you.

- "LOVE YOUR WORK" is our goal, and is how we measure ourselves. If during the tryout, we find that you love working with us and we love working with you, then we will offer you a full time position. You will become eligible for our IRA retirement savings plan with 3% company matching, and will be offered a free new smart phone on our company plan.


This has been a challenging time for our company. Our business is good, we’re growing, and we’re poised for significant growth in front of us, but we have lost quite a few employees and need to rebuild our team. We need help. Shutting down our office during Covid, really hurt our culture. We are looking for a group of new people to join us who want to work really hard to rebuild our great team, and help re-invigorate and reinvent an amazing company that we all love working for.

All of our employees are expected to work from our office in Burnsville, Minnesota. Please do not apply unless you are already living in the local Twin Cities area, or plan on moving here without financial assistance.

If interested in joining our team, please submit your resume, a cover letter, and your top five strengths.