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    Founded in Minnesota, we provide full service internet marketing solutions for the Home Furnishings Industry that focus on helping local brick and mortar retailers leverage the internet to grow their business.

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    When you partner with us, you are hiring a team of the sharpest minds in online furniture retailing who will work collectively with you to solve your internet and business problems efficiently and effectively.

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    We've evolved into one of the largest Home Furnishings networks in North America, designing, developing, strategically marketing and managing over 850 Home Furnishings web based communities that receive over 500,000,000 page views per year. Our company is Home Furnishings specific, that's all we do.

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About Us

We have been focused on providing “local” internet strategies for the home furnishings industry for over 16 years.

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Our Team

We are a fun, energetic and forward thinking group of passionate individuals.

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Our Network

Our network is comprised of elite home furnishings retailers, suppliers, industry organizations and more.

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About Us

We are a home furnishings specific, internet marketing company focused on developing and implementing full service internet solutions to help our clients, independent brick and mortar furniture retailers, leverage the internet to grow their businesses. Our clients include many of the largest and most successful independent furniture retailers in North America, as well as several of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.

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The Beginning

Our Founder and CEO, Andy Bernstein comes from a 3rd generation retailer that had 3 stores in small towns in southern Minnesota. Andy learned the furniture business from his father and grandfather. Back in the day, location was everything. To advertise your store meant you had to have a location on a well-traveled road or highway.

Home Furnishing’s products are “big ticket,” expensive and complicated to research. When the internet came along, Andy saw an opportunity to give furniture shoppers using the internet an unlimited amount of information on products they may want to research.

When Andy began to share his vision for using this new “information highway” as a means to attract, engage and connect with local customers, everyone thought he was crazy.

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After Andy graduated from college and received his MBA, He went into business consulting in New York City. He never forgot his vision and after honing his business skills, he was even more inspired to follow his dream.

Andy moved back to Minnesota and spent several years learning how to understand the consumer’s research and selling process by working for premiere furniture retailers in the Twin Cities.

He laid out his business plan and jumped in. Like many entrepreneurs, his first attempt failed miserably. But as Thomas Edison said, each failure is an element eliminated towards the process of success. After a long struggle, he sold his first two customers and hired his first employee.

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We’re very proud of what we have accomplished. Our team today has diverse skills that range from creating custom Home Furnishings software applications, building and designing world class furniture websites, taking great care of our clients, analyzing and reporting from web analytics, providing multi-channel sales training and support, custom creating online furniture product presentations and managing an industry leading furniture product catalog.

What we’re most proud of is what our customers say about us and our team and how we’ve help their businesses grow and prosper.

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What Our Clients Say

pictureFurnituredealer.net is hands down the best company we work with. Their response time is unbelievable. Our biggest challenge has been learning how to manage the almost overwhelming amount of leads our new website had produced!"


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Our Team

Our team has diverse skills that range from creating custom home furnishing's software applications, building and designing websites, managing client relations, merchandising analytics, sales training, custom-made content and integrated marketing channel solutions. When you partner with us, you are assigned a team of the sharpest minds who will work collectively to solve your internet and business problems efficiently and effectively.

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Free Assessment

Take our short 14 point assessment and we’ll send you back a 93 point analysis that outlines your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

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What Our Clients Say

pictureThe people at FurnitureDealer.Net are the most enthusiastic, and easiest to deal with of all the vendors I speak to."


Andy Bernstein

Founder & CEO

In the olden days, Andy literally did everything in the company except write software code. He has always been involved with corporate vision and strategy, defining and managing software development, and sales and client relations. As our company has grown, we have brought in very talented people with specialized skills, and Andy’s role has become more of orchestrating and coaching.

Accomplishments: Great companies have happy customers, employees and shareholders. Andy is proud of the extent to which our company has accomplished that and is committed to continually look for ways to do it better each day. At FurnitureDealer.Net, Andy is most proud of our team of employees, our clients, our strategic vision, our content library, and our technology.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Andy’s passion is solving problems—especially business problems. As a business strategy consultant in the early 1990’s, who worked primarily with retailers and manufacturers, Andy got staffed on a project with a long distance company. It literally changed his life and opened his eyes to the transformation that was taking place in our society and our economy. Andy couldn’t tell exactly how these data lines connected to computer databases would impact retailing, but he quickly realized that it could help solve two of the biggest challenges that furniture retailers faced—sales and marketing. Andy has dedicated his professional life and much of his personal life to trying to use computers and the Internet to solve the problems of selling and marketing big ticket furniture.

A second passion of his is learning and sharing ideas with smart people. Andy feels lucky to be able to do this on a daily basis within our team and with our clients. Andy loves innovating and feels lucky to get to work with so many employees and clients who also love innovating. He loves sharing ideas with other passionate people.

Internet Passion: In a nutshell, the Internet is the great information distributor. The most impressive websites distribute great information (content) in ways that solve “inefficient market problems.” Andy is VERY proud of our company’s client websites and thinks we have been a pioneer in the click-to-store or multi-channel websites that integrate Internet with local stores and salespeople. There are many websites and entrepreneurs that have inspired him, and he is constantly looking at and learning from others. Some of Andy’s favorite websites solve shopping problems, real estate problems, marketing problems, collaboration needs, and news and information needs. Three huge new trends online that will impact many of the great websites are User Generated Content, Social Networking, and Mobile Internet. Our company is actively watching these and other trends in our never-ending quest for new ways to help our clients make more money and better serve their customers.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside of work, Andy loves to spend time with his wife, Kim and daughter, Alexandra (who loves coming into the office to work), his family, and close friends. He enjoys personal travel and playing outdoors. One of Andy’s favorite quotes, which was shared with him by his younger brother, Ross, is “Find a job that you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Andy loves what he does!

Joe Craddock

President & CTO

Joe has been involved in almost every aspect of the company at one point or another while working across many different functions. Joe spends most of his time building new software and products, adding new features to existing products and making sure web servers are fast and responsive. As a senior member of the team, Joe also plays a role as a mentor and resource for the rest of the team. If something is broken, Joe can fix it!

Accomplishments: Joe has spent many painstaking hours perched over his desk, building, designing and perfecting FurnitureDealer.Net’s fast, robust, useful, user-friendly, and flexible Premium Web Application, our Content Management System (CMS), and our set of administration control panels.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: With the Internet as Joe’s playground, his enthusiasm about building new things on the Web fiercely inspires him to construct modern, SEO'd, standards based, websites, the databases that power them, and the web-based tools that control them. He works smart, hard and a lot.

Internet Passion: Joe loves Google for two reasons. First, it is the ultimate resource for finding anything—directions, code, recipes, music, etc. Second, Google gives him the tools to see what everyone else is looking for and how we can use that information to improve our own sites and our clients’ businesses. “Google makes information available and that is powerful.”

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Joe loves to bicycle around the neighborhoods of Minneapolis, work in the garden, sample the plethora of restaurant options in the area, create screen printed art, brew beer, and in general take on as many hobbies and projects as possible.

Joe "Joe B." Bieniek

Director of Technology

By establishing interactive client communication and creating service applications and database driven pages, Joe B. keeps clients’ websites up-to-date. As a member of the highly skilled Web Team, he is also kept busy working on site maintenance, updates and changes. Joe B.’s laid-back personality allows him to stay focused during stressful times and complete tasks diligently and efficiently.

Accomplishments: Joe B. is proud of working with clients and implementing enhancements to their sites to solve problems. He thrives off positive feedback and success from solving problems, increasing traffic and improving the visual design of websites.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: At FurnitureDealer.Net, Joe B. is passionate about creating strategic websites with top designs that pay personal attention to furniture consumers. He creates web solutions that are consumer-oriented and delivers them effectively by helping our clients make sales.

Internet Passion: Joe B. is one of the sports fans in the office. He loves using the Internet for statistics, recaps and insights about any sports games, tournaments or playoffs. Lately, he has been evolving community aspects on sports sites by contributing to message boards and blogs that allow users to share their opinions about teams, players and sports. It’s often joked around the office that if a free throw was ever needed to win at the end of a game, Joe B. is the one going to the line; he is a basketball fanatic.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: When Joe B. is not designing websites, you can find him either watching a game or doing something outdoors. From playing hockey, basketball, softball, and football to hiking or camping, he’s willing to participate in anything that will keep him active!

Adam Coleman

Website Developer

Adam has worked at FurnitureDealer.Net for 6+ years and brings with him three years of previous experience designing/building websites, programming, and helping clients directly through customer support. Adam's insatiable appetite for problem-solving drives him to do his best in everything he builds.

Accomplishments: At FurnitureDealer.Net, Adam has created, built, and maintained dozens of client websites. He now works behind the scenes building new admin and front-end tools.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Adam is most passionate about building and innovating new tools and features to help our clients be more successful.

Internet Passion: Adam is an avid gamer and utilizes the internet to stay on the cutting edge of the latest gaming news and updates.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside of work, Adam spends his time watching Netflix, reading, playing video games, and drinking beer. Sometimes all at once. You can also find him at the Twin Cities T'ai Chi Ch'uan studio practicing martial arts.

Matt Weber

Website Developer

Matt Weber is best known as "Weber" and comes to FurnitureDealer.Net with valuable retail knowledge which he uses to bring helpful presentation ideas to website design and development.

Accomplishments: Weber started at the company creating custom content for clients' websites. While in a content role, Weber has created a 900+ item number Mix and Match collection for Young America by Stanley. After moving out of a content role, Weber has played a lead role in web design and development for the Young America Signature Shop website templates and other clients' sites.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: FurnitureDealer.Net allows Weber to do what he loves best: HTML and web design.

Internet Passion: Google. It has everything: maps, images, email, shopping results, etc. Weber also loves checking out cbssports.com for sports info and fantasy sports leagues.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: When not at work, you can find Weber eating lots of food, watching movies or playing board games, sports and video games.

Anthony Erickson

Business Consultant

Anthony comes to FurnitureDealer.Net with 5 years of work experience with web design, web development and some additional experience in computer networking and server maintenance. Anthony's passion for helping people and solving problems drives him to do his very best in everything he builds or maintains.

Accomplishments: Anthony's ability to quickly learn and adapt to any project/environment change allows him to be a flexible tech guy. You will usually find Anthony upgrading/building computers and servers, building and maintaining websites, maintaining office technology systems, and training employees on software tool.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: He is passionate about anything technology related, web design, web development, and maintenance on hardware and sites.

Internet Passion: If it wasn't for the internet, Anthony wouldn't have had access to the amount of help he needed to get through some of his projects. Google is one of his favorite sites, because he can find nearly everything he is looking for whether it's for personal or work knowledge.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net, you can find Anthony playing disc golf at a local course, enjoying rock concerts, enjoying the company of his friends at the local pub, and watching TV shows.

Jessica Lee


Jessica contributes her distinctive personal experience of an Internet “power user” and “aficionado” to help guide the vision behind FurnitureDealer.Net websites. Jessica spends most of her days creating content for our clients’ websites. Content is the backbone for keeping FurnitureDealer.Net’s robust product catalog up-to-date with compelling copy and images for the latest furniture lines. Jessica also brings her previous skills working with websites for various types of organizations. She has written and edited web copy as well as mantained web content for a university, a non-profit, a small business, an international start-up, and a global conglomerate.

Accomplishments: Jessica is proud of seeing the results of great web content she's helped create on clients’ sites. Knowing that it has drawn Web traffic for many of our clients and helped their customers makes the effort worth it for her.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: She likes to stay up-to-date with the Web’s emerging social media networks and latest technology developments. She loves trying to figure out how to use new breakthroughs to improve the overall Internet experience for our clients and their customers.

Internet Passion: Jessica loves the versatility of the Internet, but press her to choose just one site and she will tell you she is a huge fan of www.wikipedia.org. “It’s not perfect, but it’s an incredible free, collaborative online resource where I have both wasted a lot of time and learned a great deal.” The Internet’s depth of information and ways to connect people astonishes Jessica on a daily basis.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: When Jessica is not at work, you can find her checking out what's new around Minneapolis. With the belief that what's old is new again, she also particularly enjoys scouring local thrift stores for some wonderfully strange item that she didn’t want or need until she saw it. “eBay just hasn’t gotten to the level of replicating that type of experience yet, but I am sure they are working on it.”

Emily Severson

Operations Manager

In search of a company with opportunity, flexibility, and a great community, Emily made herself at home at FurnitureDealer.Net. She brought her Communications and Management background from the University of Minnesota and smiley demeanor with hopes of helping shape the future of the company. Emily is known as the giggler. Her laugh is contagious and easily carries throughout the office. As an avid internet user and online shopper, Emily brought her consumer expertise to the company to help evolve the online furniture industry.

Accomplishments: Emily takes pride in her work with Nebraska Furniture Mart. She took over the management of the company’s relationship with Nebraska Furniture Mart and ran. She has worked to produce a more efficient and thorough process to track and complete projects for Nebraska Furniture Mart. Emily has worked to turn the relationship into a growing partnership for the company. Emily has used her experience to evolve into an operations leader, planning bigger and better tools, systems, and processes for the future of FurnitureDealer.Net.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Perfection. Emily has been working to reorganize and create new processes that help the company and team work towards perfection. Emily enjoys working out kinks to bring a better level of efficiency, service, and value to the team, clients, and the overall company.

Internet Passion: Emily can easily waste an entire day online. Shopping online is her most dangerous vice. Social media websites are the easiest way for Emily to keep in touch with family and friends. Her favorite website, however, is Google. Emily loves getting email in her Gmail account; she creates grocery and shopping lists in GoogleDocs; and she searches for answers to all her curious questions on Google’s home page.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside the office, Emily attends as many Twins games as possible during the regular MLB season. She devotes herself to the Dallas Cowboys in the fall. She also enjoys watching movies, rollerblading, and traveling to see family and friends.

Kayla Yaeger


Kayla came to FurnitureDealer.Net with an arsenal of previous writing experience including seven years working as a local reporter, five years composing marketing copy and scripts for a children’s theater and two years working as a copy-writer for an online website and gift store. With majors in Written Communications and Philosophy, Kayla pulls from her educational pallet to produce successful online product presentations that are informative and beneficial to clients as well as consumers.

Accomplishments: With an increasing understanding of furniture attributes and design, Kayla strives to use her marketing and written communications knowledge to describe the features and benefits of each product presentation through search engine optimized words that resonate well with consumers and assist in their shopping experience.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Understanding the importance of aesthetics and how the items around us often represent who we are, Kayla is passionate about producing quality product presentations that are overflowing with content. Choosing furniture is like choosing a piece of the way one lives and there is no better feeling then finding the perfect words and images to represent a collection and convey a lifestyle.

Internet Passion: Kayla’s internet passion began as a child when she realized there was a shopping website for her favorite brand of stuffed animals. Since then, the internet has become a source of knowledge, communication and of course…shopping. From staying in touch with friends across seas to finding unique holiday gifts for loved ones, Kayla is an adamant internet companion.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside FurnitureDealer.Net Kayla finds herself with little free time. Apart from going out with family and challenging her siblings to summer Slip-n-Slide races, Kayla spends time directing for a children’s theater, participating in sports and working on a series of books she hopes to someday publish. Her newest endeavor is working to become a part-time cake maker, baking and decorating theme styled cakes that have sometimes grown as high as three-and-a-half feet tall.

Paul Fastner

Website Developer

Drawn to FurnitureDealer.Net by a strong interest in both business and technology, Paul is excited about the direction that the company is headed. With a degree in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota, he loves to collect and analyze data to solve problems and to make informed business decisions. Paul brings with him a strong background in online content strategy development, marketing analytics, and web design.

Accomplishments: Working hard to make FurnitureDealer.Net a more data-driven organization, Paul is the go-to guy for Analytics questions. In addition, Paul has lead the company's efforts to integrate clients' inventory data with their website. Going forward, he will also be spearheading the company's foray into pay-per-click and other marketing initiatives.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Paul loves using Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of the company's SEO and marketing strategies and seeing the impact they have on clients' websites.

Internet Passion: As someone who is always looking to learn new things, Paul is consistently impressed with the wealth of information that is available to him with just a few clicks of a button. Whether learning how to brew his own beer or researching the economic effects of the introduction of a genetically modified banana cultivar on rural Ugandans, the Internet is an indispensable resource that he can't imagine having to do without.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: When he's not in the office you can often find Paul playing tennis, soccer, basketball, or almost any other sport. Despite being a Wisconsinite, Paul is loyal fan of both the Vikings and the Twins. He has a passion for international development and spends much of his free time doing volunteer work for a local nonprofit dedicated to providing clean, safe water to the 1 billion people around the world who don't have access to it.

Shannon Lodermeier

Business Consultant

Shannon joined the FurnitureDealer.Net team with a degree in Public Relations from Minnesota State University. After college she become experienced in areas including communication, customer service, retail sales, business management, and human relations, which has given her a unique combination of skills she will use at FurnitureDealer.Net.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Shannon is excited about becoming an expert at our client's businesses and using her abilities to help them grow and be successful.

Internet Passion: Shannon loves to spend time on the internet doing random searches, reading interesting articles, and finding answers to strange questions that come up in conversation. She loves the endless possibilities and the always-changing atmosphere the internet provides.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Shannon spends a lot of her time with her friends and family and playing cards, watching movies, and going out and trying new things around the city. Having grown up in a small "Mississippi River Town," she enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, boating, and sports. On quiet nights she enjoys cooking and reading, and hopes to spend a good chunk of her adult life traveling.

Kayla Wallace

Business Consultant

Graduating with an education in Business Marketing and Art, Kayla brings a fresh, unique set of skills to FurnitureDealer.Net. Since joining the team, Kayla has become expert in different areas of the business from publishing content, to managing data, and building strong relationships with our retail partners. Kayla is excited to be contributing her creative yet business-focused energy to the furniture industry.

Accomplishments: Kayla is now putting her creative mind and knowledge of FurnitureDealer.Net's software platform to work on establishing great partnerships and successful website business strategies for brick-and-mortar retailers. Kayla enjoys brainstorming, problem solving, and idea sharing with coworkers and retail partners.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Kayla has always looked forward to working at a company that is both genuinely exciting and challenging, and she has found that place in FurnitureDealer.Net! Valuing hard work, smart people, and having fun, Kayla has seamlessly joined into FurnitureDealer.Net’s like-minded team.

Internet Passion: Kayla has always been intrigued by how the marketing world is undergoing a major change due to the Internet. Instead of a traditional monologue from business to consumer, the Internet is turning the marketing world into a constant dialogue. Kayla enjoys spending time on websites, blogs, and search engines to stay updated on the trends and news of today, as well as updating her own multiple social networking accounts.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: n her free time outside of work you can find Kayla managing her photography business, watching movies, and enjoying the newly married life!

Tom Gadbois

Business Consultant

To put it simply, as a member of FurnitureDealer.Net's Business Consulting team, Tom's job is to help FurnitureDealer.Net's retail partners succeed in business using the internet. Realizing that a great website is only one component of a successful online strategy, Tom is infinitely curious and excited about the best ways to utilize the ubiquitous presence of the internet to help FurnitureDealer.Net's clients succeed.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Tom is fascinated by business, and, to a larger extent, the impact that the internet has on business for brick and mortar retailers. Consumers now have more options and information at their fingertips than ever before, and as a result of this it has put the impetus on retailers to stand out in an ever-expanding crowd. Consequently, it is Tom's job to delve deeply into FurnitureDealer.Net's clientele to find out what it is that makes their business special, and why a consumer should shop them instead of their competitor, and doing so is something Tom would do for fun.

Internet Passion: Tom lives on the internet, and it is mostly due to the fact that the internet provides an endless supply of information. Tom is constantly learning, and (arguably to a fault), thinking about everything and anything around him. Whether it be a circuitous Wikipedia joyride where he finds himself reading and learning about something he had no intention of learning about, an exhaustive examination of a product he intends to buy, or simply enjoying God's gift to mankind (otherwise known as Netflix), Tom is constantly utilizing the expansive landscape of the internet.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: The things that make Tom the most happy are, in no particular order, sports (both watching and playing them), his cat Finch, tasty beer, old scotch, the music of the 1960's, his family (including his awesome niece and nephew), Paul Thomas Anderson films, autumns in Minnesota, enjoying the company of friends, and much, much more.

Katie Mocol


Katie received her Bachelor's in English and International Journalism from Hamline University in 2009. Since then, Katie has had work experience in fiction and non fiction publishing, journalism, and retail, giving her a broad range of experiences and insights into a variety of industries. Katie lives to write, and she is glad to learn about and try all kinds of writing, including copywriting.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: While new to FurnitureDealer.Net, Katie is here to help retailers tell their individual story and connect them with their perfect customer. With her passion for writing, she would like to use it to help people in whatever way she is able. And helping consumers find the products that they need helps both the retailer and the consumer, it is a beneficial relationship for everyone.

Internet Passion: Katie is fascinated with the internet as a forum where people from all walks of life can share information and ideas. She especially enjoys Wikipedia, Tumblr, and numerous blogs on various subjects.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Katie enjoys Sci-Fi/Fantasy literature, movies, and TV and has attended the occasional fan convention. Aside from Sci-Fi, Katie likes to read and write in all genres, notably creative non-fiction and history . Katie also enjoys frequenting the local tea shops, nature spotting, learning languages, and dinners with friends.

Maggie Fransen


Maggie graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Spanish. With years of customer service and retail experience, Maggie brings a deep understanding of sales and a passion for writing and editing to our team. Maggie is excited to be involved with and learn more about the furniture industry, and hopes to provide clients with the content they need to develop their online presence and drive sales.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: As a member of the publishing team, Maggie uses her writing and editing skills to provide smart content that tailors to our clients’ needs. She is thrilled to be a part of a company that helps a traditional industry develop new marketing strategies to succeed in today’s evolving market.

Internet Passion: Never a fan of waiting, Maggie loves the Internet’s ability to provide her with information instantly—whether it’s a play-by-play of the Twins game, a recipe, or the name of the actor in a new movie. She also loves being able to stay in touch with friends and family who are traveling or living outside of Minnesota, and checks her social media sites religiously.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside of work, Maggie indulges an obsession with pop culture, consuming any books she can get her hands on, and watching a myriad of television shows and movies that range from guilty pleasures to the classics. She grew up with a love of playing and watching sports, and a competitive edge that fuels her passion for trivia and games. A gifted singer, Maggie considered going to a music conservatory for school, and loves to bust out the high notes on karaoke nights.

Nicole Chevalier


Nicole graduated college with a Marketing Communications degree from Bemidji State University, where in her mix of business and mass communication courses she studied everything from marketing research to writing ad campaigns. Following school, she went to work for a leading lifestyle furniture retail and got involved with visual merchandising and sales. There, she learned a lot about furniture, merchandising and what the consumer wants today. She is excited to tie together the disciplines she learned in school and early career experiences in her work at FurnitureDealer.Net.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Nicole is excited to be a part of FurnitureDealer.Net because of her passion for furniture. With the Internet transforming our world as we speak, she wants to be intimately involved and is constantly exploring retail sites for new ideas and inspiration.

Internet Passion: The Internet has become an integral part of Nicole’s everyday life, from checking emails in the morning to playing whatever online game she can’t seem to get enough of at night. Nicole especially loves the ease with which she can stay connected with friends and family, shop, get caught up on her favorite television shows and discover random facts.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: When not at work or online, Nicole enjoys spending time outside with her dog, Charlie, going to the movies and out to eat. On weekends, she loves antiquing and digging for unique items that she can turn into something cool. She is always on a mission to find the next adventure.

Tuesday Wustrack

Business Consultant

From the Madison, Wisconsin area, Tuesday graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with an English Literature major and Journalism minor. After writing for several publications including Brava Magazine and Volume One, she made the move to Minneapolis to begin working at FurnitureDealer.Net. She is excited to use her talent for writing to satisfy our clients, and their customers.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: While at work, Tuesday is motivated by helping retailers and making their websites the best they can be. She loves to eliminate problems and inconveniences and provide the best online experience for consumers, which in turn, helps retailers as well!

Internet Passion: Tuesday believes that the Internet is one space that provides us with everything we want to know. “You can watch movies, listen to music, go shopping, catch up on current events, learn a new skill and connect with old friends,” she says. Tuesday’s favorite websites include Netflix, The Beauty Department, Found Magazine, and several food and travel blogs.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: When she’s not at work, Tuesday loves to travel and explore new places. She also likes trying new recipes, dancing, taking yoga classes and watching Netflix with friends and family.

Ben Ringhofer


Ben graduated from the University of Minnesota in May of 2013 with a degree in Advertising and a focus on both Entrepreneurship and Political Science. Driven by his desire to be genuine and respectful in everything he does, Ben’s goal to inspire others, with humor and a positive outlook.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Ben and FurnitureDealer.Net both know that work should be fun and the company should be driven by its desire to improve the quality of everything it does. Ben's passion also comes from the opportunity he sees to become a leader within the company and the opportunity to continue the improvement of the culture and direction of the company.

Internet Passion: Expanding knowledge and opportunities, whether it is interacting with family and friends, continuing hobbies or learning something completely new, Ben uses the internet to improve and grow. Ben is also excited to use the internet as a tool to innovate and develop new ways to allow companies to successfully improve the quality of life for consumers.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Music is a life passion for guitar-playing Ben, who dreams of rock stardom. A huge sports fan, he has suffered numerous heartbreaks thanks to the Minnesota Vikings and is convinced that when he dies it will be due to heart-related trouble caused by his favorite team. Ben also likes to dabble in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and cooking for others.

Jesse Draeger


In search of a company with innovative opportunities, cooperative spirits, and flexibility after college, Jesse found a home at FurnitureDealer.Net. He brings to FurnitureDealer.Net an English degree from the University of Minnesota, retail management experience as well as an optimistic demeanor. Jesse is excited to offer his skills to a ground-breaking company.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Jesse hopes to incorporate his retail skill set to help create an ideal online shopping experience. While writing and learning the depth of the Content Team, Jesse has a strong curiosity to understand every aspect of FurnitureDealer.Net. From how our Web Team creates and maintains websites to how Client Relations helps clients achieve a distinct voice that will allow them to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Internet Passion: Information is Jesse’s desire. Searching new and old music on YouTube, learning more about many of his favorite blues artists, and increasing his exposure and knowledge of his favorite musical group The Beatles has become one of his favorite past times. Jesse is constantly amazed and curious at the new line of information he is fed on a daily basis.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside of the office, Jesse is hunting down local music shows, stage productions, sporting events, and outstanding cuisine, while his growing interest in the vast supply of local Twin Cities’ breweries has brought Jesse’s fascination with beer to new levels. His nights in are often spent reading and writing creatively, playing guitar, watching and quoting Seinfeld lines with friends, and imitating delectable dishes from his favorite restaurants.

Alex Kirsch

Business Consultant

Alex joined FurnitureDealer.Net after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Biology from The University of Minnesota. Originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he has lived in the Twin Cities since 2009. Alex has come to love the beautiful state of Minnesota and is incredibly excited to be a member of the FurnitureDealer.Net team.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Alex enjoys learning, improving, and developing new systems and processes of all types. The exciting world of business and the opportunities it holds excite him and drive his passion for the accomplishments of FurnitureDealer.Net.

Internet Passion: One of Alex's main internet passions is the accumulation of knowledge. The colossal amount of information available through the internet and the means of accessing it intrigue him. It is not a rare occurrence for him to spend hours researching a particular topic online simply for the fun of it.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Alex enjoys a vast array of epic free time activities. Battling the waves in his canoe, scaling treacherous rock faces, and heroically playing video games are among some of his favorites. He also enjoys some of the finer things such as attending plays and concerts as well as the occasional craft beer or local brew.

Faith Kollar


Faith graduated from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with a degree in English. Faith’s experience in retail and as a waitress in a nursing home has given her excellent people skills and taught her the importance of compassion. She is excited to apply her first-rate customer service expertise at FurnitureDealer.Net.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Faith is passionate about using her writing skills to publish important information to help online consumers make informed decisions while working in an environment that encourages her to try and learn new things everyday. She feels like she can grow as a person and a writer in an environment that strives for excellence, because it makes her excited to apply the same principle to everything she does in and out of the office.

Internet Passion: Faith loves being able to stay connected to all her friends and family through the internet via Facebook. It is an amazing gift to have them all less than a click away. Faith doesn’t think she can go a day without the internet as it has become such a huge part of her life. From skyping her friends and checking email to shopping and playing games, the internet has truly invaded every part of her life.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Faith leads a very spontaneous life with her collection of hobbies. She plays bagpipe with the Macalester College Bagpipe band and gets to travel around the world for competitions and parades. Faith loves watching movies and hanging out with friends and is crazy about all things Disney. She’s also a LOTR nerd and enjoys a videogame every now and then. Faith loves ice-skating, rollerblading, volleyball, horseback riding, cooking, and reading. During the summer, she proclaims to be a total beach bum.

Nicole Vest


Nicole graduated from the College of Saint Benedict with a BA in Fine Art and a minor in Mathematics. After graduation, she did freelance graphic design work for a variety of organizations. Her favorite project was redesigning her friend’s auto service website because it gave her the opportunity to learn about website development and to explore the world of business and marketing. Nicole is excited to bring her creativity and newfound passion for business to FurnitureDealer.net!

Internet Passion: Nicole loves being able to learn about anything she wants at any time of the day with just the click of a button. The internet has taught her how to make websites, how to cook, how to knit and much more. It has allowed her to fine tune her design and painting skills, and it has showed her several ways to not lose her keys. Nicole also loves being able to connect with her friends on social media.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside of work, Nicole’s favorite activity is painting. She loves to paint portraits of her friends and their pets. She uses oils of many different colors, but her favorite color to paint with is “Burnt Sienna”. Nicole also enjoys running outside in the fall, traveling and learning about different cultures, watching Step Brothers and listening to Cloud Cult.

Karl Heinritz


Karl graduated from Macalester in May with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Geography. At school, Karl was interested in behavioral economics, entrepreneurship, and geographic informationsystems, but most of all his biggest interest was in learning about businesses. Everything from their primary drivers, to their target demographics, and company culture; all the way businesses run and operate. Karl has worked for a number of different types of companies; a chocolate shop, a bus manufacturing company, Summit Brewery and now FurnitureDealer.Net.

Internet Passion: Karl’s internet passion is definitely the sheer amount of knowledge available at the click of a few buttons. The amount of information that is available to the average person would be unfathomable a century, or even thirty years ago. He uses the internet for a wide variety of things from following sports, to keeping up with friends, and reading about current events. He can easily spend a couple of hours at a time reading random interesting Wikipedia articles.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside of work, Karl likes to play and watch sports, especially soccer. Karl played in a bare foot league this past summer. He also enjoys exploring the Twin Cities, especially the lakes and green-ways via bicycle. If he goes missing you’ll probably be able to find him on a patio during happy hour or at an art museum.

Justin Williams

Website Developer

Justin Williams brings a wealth of retail knowledge to FurnitureDealer.Net. Justin has always had a passion for breaking things down and putting them back together just to learn how they work. He always tries to think from new perspectives and see things in a different view for solving problems and working on new ideas. With some prior freelance website development experience, he intends to further his skills and knowledge at FurnitureDealer.Net!

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Justin loves the fact that FurnitureDealer.Net is paving the way for an entire industry to make an online presence. He intends to incorporate his knowledge and experience of the retail industry to further help drive the furniture industry forward. He has a strong curiosity for how every aspect of the company works together to help our clients achieve success in their markets.

Internet Passion: The internet is a virtual, and limitless, knowledge library. Finding music, watching movies and documentaries, and especially using the internet as a networking tool is something Justin wholeheartedly enjoys. He believes that we truly are in the heart of the information age, and that the full potential of the internet has yet to be discovered.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: When he’s not at work, Justin enjoys watching a wide assortment of TV shows and movies using Netflix and Hulu, as well as heroically saving the many worlds that video games have to offer. Being from Wisconsin, he is an avid Packers fan. He also enjoys spending time outside playing disc golf, and traveling as much as possible.

Colin Carpenter


Growing up in the Chicago area, Colin moved to Minnesota to attend Macalester College where he graduated in May of 2014 with a degree in English, emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in Political Science. His time at Macalester also included playing for the baseball team. After graduation he completed a brief stint at Jimmy Johns, but desired to move on to bigger and better things where he could use what he learned at college. Colin has an acute appreciation for the power of words and hopes to use his passion for writing and editing at FurnitureDealer.Net to develop impactful messages that will attract consumers.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Colin is embracing the opportunity to work with like-minded, intelligent people who are committed to delivering the best possible online experience for furniture consumers. With a recently discovered enthusiasm for business and marketing, he is excited to learn the ins and outs of the business, from the technical side to content, and contribute to the FurnitureDealer.Net mission.

Internet Passion: The internet isn’t just a thing; it revolutionized the ways in which humanity can interact with one another and how people obtain or create information. Whether it’s through online gaming, streaming, informational browsing, or discovering the latest and greatest in mobile apps, Colin hopes to utilize the internet to its fullest capacity.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Colin pursues a number of hobbies outside of work. Following his favorite Chicago sports teams, including the Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks, takes up a lot his time, and so does playing a variety of sports. But music--listening, composing, producing--plays a huge part in his life. He is always trying to discover new ways for how music can sound and, coupled with his background in creative writing, write songs that both sound great and express a meaningful message.

Jonathan Kramer


Jonathan joined our company after 13 years in retail management with Target, Costco, and Walgreens where he left as a Store Manager of the Minnetonka, MN branch. Finding success at Walgreens, he was able to increase employee engagement by 25% and increase yearly Income Before Carrying Charge Percent by 218% in 2013. Before starting his career in business, Jonathan graduated from Augsburg College with a degree in Business Administration with emphasis in marketing and music.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Jonathan is very excited to add to the rich creative atmosphere at FurnitureDealer.Net. He is passionate about challenging others and figuring out why and how things tick.

Internet Passion: Jonathan is passionate about how he can help better connect people via the internet.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Jonathan is a music connoisseur. He composes music for a nine person symphonic funk and soul production and a jazz noise electronic ensemble. He has a puppy, named Alfred. He enjoys the works of Marvin Gaye, Brian Eno, Brian Wilson, and David Fincher.

Joe Murphy


Joe comes to FurnitureDealer.Net as a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a mathematics background. He loves to solve problems and work with numbers.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Joe is excited to learn as much as he can about FurnitureDealer.Net. He hopes to play a larger role in utilizing Google Analytics to improve the effectiveness of client sites.

Internet Passion: Joe loves to visit sites such as ESPN, IMDB and Spotify. The internet is amazing, because it allows people to Google practically anything they could ever hope to learn. He believes the best way to learn new things is by watching YouTube tutorials.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: When not at work, Joe loves to do anything competitive, especially sports. He listens to music everyday and is constantly searching for new music as well. You can also find Joe trying new craft beers, traveling and exploring new cities with his wife.

Chris Smith


Chris graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Political Science and a background in Accounting and Finance. He takes pride in the work he does and is excited to be part of the FurnitureDealer.Net team.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: He hopes to learn more about the furniture industry and want to use this knowledge to help the typical furniture consumer shop successfully online and make informed decisions. He looks forward to working in a place with a culture driven by making clients, consumers, and team members successful.

Internet Passion: The internet provides a fast and convenient way for the consumption of knowledge. It's a great tool to stay informed and develop oneself. Chris enjoys using it to keep up to date with news, sports, music, and movies.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Chris enjoys watching and playing sports. He breathes and lives sports! Chris enjoys attending ball games in the summer and improving his golf game. He also follows college basketball year round and thinks March is the greatest month of the year!

Jess Cohen


Jess comes to FurnitureDealer.Net with a degree in Journalism from UMD. Talking and writing are some of her favorite things in the world, and she hopes to work with them for the rest of her career. Jess is fascinated by the way that the internet has completely revolutionized our lives, and she's grateful to have been a student while these things were happening. She wants to bring these interests and passions to whatever position she will eventually hold at FurnitureDealer.Net.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Jess wants to learn about everyone and everything. Primarily, she looks forward to meeting people in the industry and learning more about what they do, as well as what FurnitureDealer.Net does as a company. She would love to pick the minds of consumers and figure out ways that FurnitureDealer.Net sites could better represent the furniture shoppers of today!

Internet Passion: Jess is interested in learning everything there is to know about the internet. Overall, she wants to be well versed in that very relevant part of our lives today.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Her hobbies outside of work include lounging, dancing, petting her three adorable dogs, spending time with friends, spending money she doesn't have on things she doesn't need, listening to music, exploring, and watching bad reality TV.

Scott Foltz


Originally from St. Louis Park, Scott played baseball at Macalester College and graduated with majors in English and Political Science. With past experience working on political campaigns and a passion for writing, Scott hopes to build relationships with colleagues and customers while creating interesting content that enhances the consumer experience.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Scott is excited to learn all there is to know about the furniture industry and how FurnitureDealer.Net can optimize the shopping experience for potential customers. He is particularly interested in how FurnitureDealer.Net works with retailers to meet all of their specific needs.

Internet Passion: Scott's internet passion revolves around how the internet continues to revolutionize all aspects of society as a democratizing force. Allowing instant access to a virtually unlimited amount of information, the internet also supplies people with a platform to spread their unfiltered thoughts and ideas on a global scale.The internet's facilitation of podcasts, kickstarters and other forums allow individuals to research, discuss and support topics worldwide without the domineering influence of larger corporate or government entities.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Outside of work, Scott enjoys writing, reading about a variety of subjects, and a recently discovered interest in Mixed-Martial Arts. When not managing his three fantasy football teams, he coaches legion baseball and plays for a men's league baseball team.

Dave Schwartz

Business Consultant

Interestingly enough, Dave first started his relationship with FurnitureDealer.Net as our client on the retail side. Dave discovered, recommended and introduced FurnitureDealer.Net to Conlin’s and saw, first-hand, the impact a great website could make. Dave says from day one, they started getting calls from customers who found them online, shopped their huge online selection and wanted more information to make their selection. Customers even showed up in the store with a printout off of the website. The retailer’s average sales directly related to online shopping were more than double the average in-store sales.

As a buyer, Dave loved FurnitureDealer.Net, because we did all the work. “I simply told them what vendors we carried and they did all the work, no being bogged down having to spoon feed the web company like most other web providers.”

Accomplishments: With his past experience as a buyer, Dave is proud of being able to share his knowledge with the content team on how to correctly identify and describe furniture properly. Dave is also working at contributing to the expansion of FurnitureDealer.Net’s client base.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Now that Dave is working in-depth behind the scenes at FurnitureDealer.Net, he has been able to see how much more of an impact FurnitureDealer.Net can have on a retailer’s business. “I see that there are so many more tools at a store’s disposal for improving their business.” This makes Dave even more passionate about helping FurnitureDealer.Net become the benchmark of all internet developers for content and presentation. Dave’s opinion is that FurnitureDealer.Net is the builder of the world’s best furniture websites and the rest of us couldn’t have agreed more!

Dave is also excited and committed to working with manufacturers to let them know how we can improve the way their products are shown online and how to best showcase themselves.

Internet Passion: Dave loves tracking storms and uses the Underground Weather website a lot, especially during the summer.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: When not at work, you can find Dave following his favorite sports team, playing tennis, boating or building things. In the winter months, he likes to cross country ski. Dave and his family spend most of their weekends in the summer at their cabin near Crane Lake.

Mike Bernstein

Business Development

Mike originally joined his brother Andy at FurnitureDealer.Net in 2008 building partnerships and offerings for furniture manufacturers. He re-joined the company in 2012 after spending a year helping grocery retailers and mass merchants deliver personalized digital messages and promotional offers based on consumers' shopping history.

Accomplishments: Mike is proud of the business he co-founded as a management buyout from Philips Consumer Electronics then sold in 2001 after being awarded several patents for cellular phones with GPS technology.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Helping bricks and mortar retailers harness the internet to accelerate their growth.

Internet Passion: Innovation fueled by analytics-driven insights. Digital technology casts off Big Data in its wake. Mining and analyzing this behavioral data can uncover powerful insights and become a continuous source of growth opportunities and competitive advantage.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Mike enjoys spending time with his family. He lives in Eagan with his wife and three teenage kids. He enjoys golfing, swimming, hiking with his two dogs and reading.

Alexandra Berstein

Chief Marketing Kid

Possibly the cutest member of the FurnitureDealer.Net team, Alexandra has been working with the company for longer than any other person - except her father Andy. She loves technology and marketing, decorating the office, making money and making work fun. Being the youngest person on our team, she has never known a world without internet and barely remembers life without mobile smart phones or social networking. Prior to getting her own iPhone (with its blinged out case), she had her dad's old Palm Treo - the coolest and smartest phone in its day. Her first experience with social networking came when she was only five years old - with her Webkinz plush Kitten that came alive in its online world and could have play dates with the Webkinz animals of her friends.

Accomplishments: Alexandra loves brainstorming about slogans and coming up with clever marketing ideas. She helped come up with (and attaches stickers to) the $2 bills which our company hands out that say, "if you like money, you'll love a FurnitureDealer.Net website" and she helped come up with several joke handouts that had the slogan, "there's nothing funny about a bad website." One of Alexandra's greatest contributions to FurnitureDealer.Net has been interactive touch boards. She persuaded her parents to get her a "smart board" like the ones used in her elementary school classroom, and today our company uses them (like giant six foot wall mounted iPads) to demonstrate websites at our High Point and Las Vegas trade shows. Our clients are now using interactive touch boards in their stores to use their websites with customers.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Alexandra loves coming into the office where her focus is on keeping the office environment fun through activities, crafts and artistic portraits of all new team members. She enjoys helping her dad at trade shows and furniture markets where she meets and greets people in the industry, shows off the interactive touch board, and gets them to laugh, lighten up and learn about FurnitureDealer.Net.

Internet Passion: She is passionate about websites that combine online and offline fun. She loves YouTube, iTunes, iPad apps, and using her interactive touch board.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Alexandra is obviously still in school, and is a very hard working and good student. In her free time, she loves dance, music, fashion, playing percussion and violin, reading, swimming, biking, pin trading, and friends!

Durand Williams


FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Charged with maintaining our facility, Durand continually reminds us to whistle while we work, or in his case, sing. A talented rhymer, he composes verse at lightening-fast speeds.

Internet Passion: Music, music and more music!

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: Durand volunteers at his church, writes rap songs and has recorded CDs. He also appears as the featured dancer on his friends’ music videos.

Kyle Heikes


Kyle joined FurnitureDealer.net after receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Professional Strategic Communications from the University of Minnesota. Kyle is originally from Hutchinson, MN where his family owns and operates a local brick and mortar furniture store. He has lived in the Twin Cities since 2013 and now calls Minneapolis home.

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Kyle is excited about helping clients help customers find exactly what they’re looking for and being a digital partner in that quest.

Internet Passion: Having studied Advertising at the University of Minnesota Kyle is particularly interested in seeing how the internet impacts that industry. Of particular interest to Kyle is how advertisers will utilize social media to find and key in on their target demographics.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: One of the biggest Gopher fans around, Kyle has season tickets for Gophers Football, Basketball, and Hockey. Outside of Gopher Athletics Kyle also enjoys Minnesota pro sports, film, television, video games, reading, and craft IPA beers.

Mandy Anderson


After Mandy received her bachelor’s degree in business management from Minnesota State University-Mankato, she relocated to the Twin Cities to begin a new chapter of her life. She started that chapter at FurnitureDealer.Net and uses her past customer service and retail experience to share new ideas. Mandy loves business and she was happy to find a team that shares that same passion. She is excited to see what the future holds at FurnitureDealer.net!

FurnitureDealer.Net Passion: Being new to the industry, Mandy is excited to learn everything she can about furniture retailers, manufacturers, and the newest generation of tech-savvy consumers. As an online shopper herself, she knows how important it is to provide a great consumer experience. Mandy is excited to use her own perspective and experience to make a positive impact for FurnitureDealer.Net’s retailers and their consumers!

Internet Passion: As a proud member of the millennial generation, the internet plays an important role of Mandy’s daily life. She goes online to stay connected through social media, keep up to date on current events, and read about anything she finds interesting. Mandy appreciates the immeasurable amount of information available at her fingertips and uses it to her advantage.

Life Outside of FurnitureDealer.Net: During her free time, Mandy enjoys playing guitar, traveling, and being outdoors. She is happiest when the sun is shining! Now that she is finished with school, Mandy is excited to take up new hobbies, explore the Twin Cities, and spend more time with her family.

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Our network is composed of more than 850 Home Furnishings websites interwoven into one Network. Our websites currently receive over 15 million unique visitors per year and our overall network traffic continues to grow by 30% yearly. When you become part of our Network, you are joining the industry’s premiere internet marketing solution for brick and mortar retailers.

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We have created an expansive online furniture shopping environment that is a search engine optimized specifically for the Home Furnishings Industry. Our catalog consists of casegoods, upholstery, mattresses, appliances and electronics product presentations that are loaded with pictures and our unique, original content whose singular goal is to help consumers find what they are looking for, and in turn, drive furniture shoppers to your local store to make a purchase.

We have created, published and managed the most comprehensive product content database and image library in the Home Furnishings industry. It includes:

  1. Item descriptions – Over 70,000 in our library

  2. Dimensions

  3. Brand names – Over 450 Manufacturer Brands in our library

  4. Finishes

  5. Product Features

  6. Coordinating Items

  7. Collection Descriptions

  8. And much more

All of our product content is 100% original and is written to attract consumers to your store, engage them with the tools they need to find what they are looking for and connect them to your sales people to complete a transaction.

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