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Our Benefits


The world is undergoing a transformation in the understanding of what work should be. Work is shifting from being a means to an end to being a part of life with a greater purpose and meaning.

And with a new shift in what work is, comes a shift in what work provides. Benefits and perks are no longer restricted to being seen as an incentive for work but rather a way to support the greater purpose and meaning of what work and life has become.

Our way of achieving this new understanding of work and life is through the integration of benefits that support health and well-being with the ability to live life when it happens with minimal hassles and maximum “awesomes.”

furnituredealer core values

A core value of our company is “helping others be great.” This is part of our work’s greater purpose and meaning but it is also our attitude towards everyone who works for our company. The perks and benefits we create and provide are done so with the intent to help those on our team be great and to support the idea that work and life are part of the same, bigger picture.

To help our team be great, the first thing we do is provide everyone with money to pay for, or at least cover part of, your benefit selections. For most, that means completely covered health insurance and more. However, even if you choose any of the benefits we provide, you still get money to create your own, personalized benefits.

We give every person in our company $4,000 to put towards our benefits program, to create your own benefits, or a combination of both!

health and wellness

Health & Wellness

From picking healthcare coverage to determining the total cost, figuring out health insurance and other important health options can be a huge hassle. Our health and wellness offerings give you options to meet your needs. In addition to giving you options, the company will cover the cost* of your health insurance and/or any supplemental insurance options; any leftover/unused money can be put towards other benefits.

*The company will cover the first $4,000 in cost. All full time employees receive $4,000 for benefits. You do not have to elect Health and Wellness benefits to be eligible. See “Create Your Own Benefits” below.

financing and saving

Finance & Saving

As a company, making money is not our goal but a result of what we do. While we don’t let money control our actions we understand the value it can have and the importance of managing it well. Our financial benefits are designed to help you save and manage money, and get help where ever you may need it. These are available to all full time members, at no cost.

work as part of life

Your Work, Your Life

We are a company who prioritizes the success of our people above all else. That means giving people tools to be successful, like the flexibility to live and work their own way and providing things that make life just a little bit more awesome, and a little less of a hassle, like flexible work and time off schedules, free lunches and sports tickets. These are available to all employees, all the time, no cost.



Curiosity, the desire to learn and grow, is a core value of our company. We are always looking for ways to increase our knowledge and grow as individuals and as a company. Because of this we aim to provide opportunities to develop skills, both personally and professionally. These are available to all employees.

create your own

Create Your Own Benefits

Furnituredealer.Net provides $4,000 to cover the costs of any health and wellness benefits you elect, but if you have any money left over after you've made your selections or you simply don't want any of the offered benefits you can put that money towards benefits you create on your own. This is available to all employees after becoming a full time member of our team.

Some examples of create your own benefits include:


FurnitureDealer.Net is the internet business partner for an exclusive group of more than 100 leading full service local furniture retailers. We build, manage and host our clients' websites, publish their online digital product catalogs, and work with them to attract and serve consumers both online and in-store. We work closely with our retail clients, their suppliers, their advertising teams and their technology partners.

Our company is driven as much by values as we are by money. "We love making money by helping our partners make money." That is our company motto, and it highlights how important win-win partnerships are to us.

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