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Our Supplier Partners

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Creating awesome online shopping experiences through great partnerships.

How we work with suppliers

We partner closely with suppliers to obtain relevant information, trends, and data to support our retailers in their omni-channel business strategies. We manage full supplier catalogs to populate our retailer websites with products they sell. We publish and enhance product presentations using photography, original romance copy, and educational materials to help consumers research products available in their local furniture stores.

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Brands We Love

We have compiled a list below of suppliers who are great digital partners to our network by openly communicating, collaborating, and sharing with our team. They fully support our network’s goal of bringing an awesome, omni-channel shopping experience to the home furnishings consumer.

Retailers, are we missing a brand you love?

Communicating to suppliers can be tough when we are seen as a third party vendor, rather than an integral part of the retail business. Help us connect to your most important suppliers with these simple steps:

Identify the brands most important to you.

Determine which suppliers are crucial to your retail business. Are there any brands that are not currently represented on your store’s website?

Find a decision-making executive with the brand.

It’s important that a high level decision-maker at the supplier company knows the importance of your website to your business, so she or he can connect us to the appropriate members of their team.

Explain why they should support your website.

Help the supplier understand the opportunities being missed if they do not support your online presence. Having their product on your website leads to increased brand exposure and opportunities for leads, inquiries, and sales.

Connect us with the supplier company.

Get the supplier in touch with our team to initiate an ongoing win-win partnership. Email us at:

Suppliers, are you not listed here?

We prioritize and partner with suppliers who are important to our retailers’ businesses. We produce win-win partnerships by creating awesome relationships with supplier companies who help us support our retailers’ omni-channel business goals.

Are you a good fit to be a supplier partner?

  • Do you actively sell to the retailers we work with?
  • Do you have digital product data and images you can share with us?
  • Can you regularly update our team when changes are made to your product line?

Why should you work with us?

  • Retailer websites are the first interaction a consumer has with your products.
  • These website generate sales by exposing shoppers to your product.
  • Retailers use their websites to generate leads and sales, which means they value suppliers who support both in-store and online.
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