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Entry Level Client Strategist (Full Time)

The Overview

  • We maintain great, long-lasting partnerships with furniture retailers all over the country as we help them grow their business through digital strategy.
  • We are looking for someone who can be the strategic advisor to our retailer clients on how they can use and leverage the Internet to grow their business.
  • We're very selective when it comes to hiring - we want to work with awesome people who fit our team culture.
  • Your current level of experience is far less important to us than your attitude, potential, and compatibility with our company culture.

The Role

We are looking for someone who can be the strategic advisor to our retailer clients on how they can use and leverage the Internet to grow their business. Our mission is to help our clients be successful omnichannel retailers. This means we aren't just managers of their website, we are their trusted advisers and experts on all things digital. You will be responsible for learning a lot about retail, business, technology, and the home furnishings industry. Your curiosity and innovation should help us drive new ideas and strategies our retailers can use to be more successful.

You will start by working directly with our senior team leads to be mentored and trained on our retailers, their businesses, and how to solve problems for them using our website platform and tools. Eventually, you will become the main point of contact for a group of clients, responsible for understanding their business goals, and creating action plans to support them. You will develop a great relationship and rapport with them so they are happy, successful, and couldn't imagine their future without us.

Expert communication and strategic thinking is key for this role. You should get excited to talk about nerdy business problems, and have a great sense of urgency and respect for our client's problems. You will need to clearly articulate complicated thoughts, ideas, and processes. You are not a task manager, you will be expected to understand why the client is asking for a request, and evaluate all the best options for accomplishing that request. You will need to handle high-stress conversations, and diffuse tense emotions while maintaining the strength of the relationship with the client. Your accountability should help us consistently deliver high-quality work on fast paced deadlines.

This is an entry level client strategist position, which means we are not expecting you to come in with any previous knowledge of furniture, retail business, or client management. We're looking for someone with the right personality and attitude to complement our client team.


  • Develop client relationships that promote retention & advocacy
  • Perform periodic health checks on key accounts, working quickly to resolve red flags
  • Understand the client's desired outcome for each project, and manage it from start to finish with a sense of urgency
  • Oversee new client onboarding to help them achieve early value
  • Expand client's usage and knowledge of our platform and its capabilities
  • Be a strong team player, volunteer for extra projects, develop relationships with your cowokers, socialize and have some fun!
  • Travel to industry events to network and meet with clients

Relevant Skills & Tools

Not required but helpful:

  • Achiever & strategic thinker
  • Professional & clear communicator
  • Project management
  • Familiar with Google Analytics
  • Creating professional presentations or documents like Scope of Work project definitions


All of our employees are expected to work at our office in Burnsville, Minnesota. Please do NOT apply unless you are already living in the local Twin Cities area, or unless you will be moving here without financial assistance. We will not pay for relocation.


FurnitureDealer.Net is the internet business partner for an exclusive group of more than 100 leading full service local furniture retailers. We build, manage and host our clients' websites, publish their online digital product catalogs, and work with them to attract and serve consumers both online and in-store. We work closely with our retail clients, their suppliers, their advertising teams and their technology partners. Our company mission is to champion the success of the local home furnishings retailer.

Who will be successful here

Our standards are extremely high. Most job seekers say that they want to be successful, but very few are actually willing to put in the time and energy necessary to be the best that they can be, and to help their team and their clients be truly great. If you're just looking for a "job," please do NOT apply. We are looking to recruit highly motivated individuals who want to join a team, who are committed to personal excellence, and who don't just want to be good, they want to be great. We are looking for strategic thinkers, self-motivators, and executers.


We hire people for a sixteen week trial period that pays $1,040 every two weeks. During that time you will get to meet our team, learn about our business, and receive extensive training. After the trial period, all individuals who are successful will be asked to stay on long term, and will be given more responsibility and a pay increase of a salary of $30,000 per year. We have paid generous bonuses every year. Salary increases are based on individual growth and contribution toward company success. If you stand out, so will your compensation.

Perks & Benefits

Save for your future.

  • IRA with max 3% Company Match
  • Medical Coverage Stipend
  • Paid Time Off & Holidays
  • TASC Health Savings Account
  • Student Loan Repayment Bonuses

Never be hungry. Or thirsty.

  • Weekly Happy Hour
  • Company Provided Lunch (3 Days/Week)
  • Fully Stocked Beverage Cooler
  • Costco Membership
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water
  • Community Garden
  • On-Site Bar

Do sports things.

  • Twins Tickets
  • Vikings Tickets
  • Company Bowling League
  • Company Golf League
  • On-Site Workout Facility

Learn things.

  • On-Site Business Library
  • Department Lunch & Learns
  • Company Consumer Reports Subscription
  • Personal Financial Adviser Services
  • Legal Assistance Services


  • Seasonal Company Events and Retreats
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Charity Donations
  • Amazing Network

And finally, make yourself at home.

  • On-Site Laundry
  • Company Car Access
  • Office Greyhounds
  • Ergonomic Aeron Chairs
  • Casual Dress
  • Nerf Guns & Razor Scooters
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Convertable Standing Desks
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