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Entry Level Content Strategist

The Overview

  • We write and strategically present online product content for major furniture retailers all over the country.
  • We’re looking for an entry level content strategist to join our team.
  • We’re very selective when it comes to hiring because we value our company culture above all else.
  • Your current level of experience is far less important to us than your attitude, potential, and compatibility with our company culture.

The Role

Join the FurnitureDealer.Net Publishing Team as an Entry Level Content Strategist.

  • Do you love business?
  • Do you love solving problems?
  • Do you love internet strategy and consumer experience?
  • Do you love serving and WOWing others?
  • Are you a person whose actions speak louder than your words?
  • Would you rather join a great company, or work your tail off to help build one?

If you answered yes to these questions, and if you know that you can wow our team and our customers, then please read on.

Furniture isn’t meant to simply fill the space in one’s home, but instead it encourages you to create meaningful spaces. It’s easy to overlook the fact that the furniture in your home will play host to countless memories, but that is what makes furniture shopping so special. From that first sofa you buy for your new apartment, to the dining table where family traditions will be made, furniture continuously plays an important role.

We recognize the substantial impact that furniture has on people’s lives, and that has led us to develop a passion for simplifying the furniture shopping experience. Through the inspiring and informative content we create, we are better able to connect people with the furniture that will allow them to create meaningful spaces.

Become a Content Strategist with FurnitureDealer.Net

As a content strategist, you’ll work with our team to create inspiring and educational online shopping experiences that help consumers find their ideal product, and encourage them to shop with our retailers.

Our team is responsible for growing and maintaining our extensive online product catalog. We pride ourselves on being furniture experts, and over time, we anticipate that you will develop a similar passion for all things furniture. As a content strategist, you should be able to identify opportunities to improve the online shopping experience, strategize with our team to determine the best course of action, and execute your ideas successfully.

A major part of our job is writing product content, but being a content strategist also involves using our platform to present product to consumers strategically and effectively. From communicating with manufacturers and manipulating data spreadsheets, to writing inspirational lifestyle content and building site navigation, there will always be something to geek out over and champion.

Additionally, it will be vital that you are able to work with our team to reshape this role as the industry changes, and we continue to innovate. You should get excited about the opportunity problem solve and bring fresh ideas to our company.


  • Create product information for retailer websites, including analyzing product data, classifying products, writing keyword-enriched product content, and editing images
  • Become an expert in a furniture product category to assist shoppers
  • Build relationships with manufacturers to obtain and manage data for our product catalog
  • Work with team to improve consumer shopping experience
  • Strategize ideas for new tools and improved internal publishing processes
  • Support our clients by answering questions, problem solving, and addressing website requests

What To Expect

Every new hire is given a 16-week tryout, during which you will be given the opportunity to learn about our business and culture, work alongside us, and earn the trust of our team. You will receive training that extensively covers general industry knowledge, the tools we use to manage our catalog, and the daily operations on our team. You will be compensated at a rate of $1,040 each two week pay period.

At the start of your second full month, you will receive an additional compensation of $153 per pay period ($4,000 per year) that you can apply to your choice of our company's truly unique benefits options, including health insurance, dental insurance and HSA, but also can be applied to non-traditional benefit options like student loan repayment, save for car, save for house, save for vacation, or save for just about anuything that is important to you.

"LOVE YOUR WORK" is the goal during the tryout. If you love your work with us and if we love your work with us, then you will be offered a position with a starting annual salary of $30,000. You will also become eligible for our IRA retirement savings plan with 3% company matching, and a company provided smart phone.


All of our employees are expected to work at our office in Burnsville, Minnesota. Please do NOT apply unless you are already living in the local Twin Cities area, or unless you will be moving here without financial assistance. We will not pay for relocation.


FurnitureDealer.Net is the internet business partner for an exclusive group of more than 100 leading full service local furniture retailers. We build, manage and host our clients' websites, publish their online digital product catalogs, and work with them to attract and serve consumers both online and in-store. We work closely with our retail clients, their suppliers, their advertising teams and their technology partners. Our company mission is to champion the success of the local home furnishings retailer.

Who will be successful here

Our standards are extremely high. Most job seekers say that they want to be successful, but very few are actually willing to put in the time and energy necessary to be the best that they can be, and to help their team and their clients be truly great. If you're just looking for a "job," please do NOT apply. We are looking to recruit highly motivated individuals who want to join a team, who are committed to personal excellence, and who don't just want to be good, they want to be great. We are looking for strategic thinkers, self-motivators, and executers.


We hire people for a sixteen week trial period that pays $1,040 every two weeks. During that time you will get to meet our team, learn about our business, and receive extensive training. After the trial period, all individuals who are successful will be asked to stay on long term, and will be given more responsibility and a pay increase of a salary of $34,000 per year. We have paid generous bonuses every year. Salary increases are based on individual growth and contribution toward company success. If you stand out, so will your compensation.

Perks & Benefits

Save for your future.

  • IRA with max 3% Company Match
  • Medical Coverage Stipend
  • Paid Time Off & Holidays
  • TASC Health Savings Account
  • Student Loan Repayment Bonuses

Never be hungry. Or thirsty.

  • Weekly Company Happy Hour
  • Company Provided Healthy Lunch (3 Days/Week)
  • Fully Stocked Coffee Bar & Beverage Cooler
  • Costco Membership
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water
  • Community Garden
  • On-Site Bar

Do sports things.

  • Twins Tickets
  • Vikings Tickets
  • Company Bowling League
  • Company Golf League
  • On-Site Workout Facility

Learn things.

  • On-Site Business Library
  • Department Lunch & Learns
  • Company Consumer Reports Subscription
  • Personal Financial Adviser Services
  • Legal Assistance Services


  • Seasonal Company Events and Retreats
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Charity Donations
  • Industry Events & Networking Experiences
  • Annual Client User Conference

And finally, make yourself at home.

  • Open Concept, Collaborative Work Environment
  • Casual Dress
  • Convertable Standing Desks
  • Ergonomic Aeron Chairs
  • On-Site Laundry
  • Company Car Access
  • Office Greyhounds
  • Nerf Guns & Razor Scooters
  • Flexible Work Schedule
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